About Sing Inc

Azamra - this is a Hebrew word which means, "I will sing".  This is the core of our Inspiration and Mission statement. 

We teach you to sing through your instrument whether it's your voice or guitar or violin any instrument. We only want the best sound and technique for you to express yourself.

Give the world your song. The song from deep within your soul.

Give yourself and loved ones the gift of music.

All around us there is sound. Music is the collection of those sounds -notes arranged in a specific order.

Zone is the time, space and place you are in and the need to feel, play, express, a particular rhythm, movement of the notes that are arranged in a particular way - soul, jazz, classical, pop, Jewish music etc.  

All encompassing are the melodies of the land. Take some time to listen to the birds, oceans, trees, animals, voices of people singing, so differently yet they can all be in unison.

Music is Fun. Always remember that it can take you in and out of this world.

Reach out and recognize that you have the gift of music deep inside. Express yourself.

Awesome and inspiring is the sound of music, it's here for singing praises to the Creator. It's here for everyone to enjoy.

Sing Inc.